LEF4 - Pulsatron E Series Metering Pump

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  • Model:  LEF4
  • Condition:  New in Box
  • Shipping Weight:  15lbs
  • Manufactured by:  Pulsafeeder
  • Availability: Available for Order
  • Pulsafeeder LEF4 Specifications: Pulsafeeder LEF4 Specifications


PT Controls



20 Gallons per day - 0.85 gph - 250 psi

The Pulsatron Series E offers manual function controls over stroke length and stroke rate providing a turn down ratio of 100:1. Our best value in a pump with this capacity.

Twenty distinct models are available, having pressure capabilities to 300 PSIG (21 BAR) @ 3 GPD (0.5 lph), and flow capacities to 600 GPD (94.6 lph) @ 30 PSIG (2 BAR), with a turndown ratio of 100:1. Metering performance is reproducible to within ± 3% of maximum capacity.

  • Reliable metering performance.
  • Rated hotfor continuous duty.
  • High viscosity capability.
  • Leak-free, sealless, liquid end.
  • Manual Control by online adjustable stroke rate and stroke length.
  • Highly Reliable timing circuit.
  • Circuit Protection against voltage and current upsets.
  • Solenoid Protection by thermal overload with auto-reset.
  • Water Resistant, for outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Guided Ball Check Valve Systems, to reduce back flow and enhance outstanding priming characteristics.
  • Safe & Easy Priming with durable leak-free bleed valve assembly (standard).
  • Manual Stroke Rate: Turn-Down Ratio 10:1
  • Manual Stroke Length: Turn-Down Ratio 10:1
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  • Process Controllers (PULSAblue, MicroVision)

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