STS1152R - AO Smith Pool Filter Motor

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  • Model:  STS1152R
  • Condition:  New in Box
  • Shipping Weight:  35lbs
  • Manufactured by:  A.O. Smith
  • Product Availability: In Stock
  • A.O. Smith STS1152R Specifications: A.O. Smith STS1152R Specifications


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1 1/2 HP - C-Face - 56J - 230V - Threaded - Full Rate - 1.3 SF - 2 Speed

Two Compartment NEMA C-Face Pool Filter Motors - Two Speed
Century ® NEMA C flange swimming pool filter pump motors are carefully engineered to meet the ruggeddemands of pool duty. Two sealed ball bearings (with large 304 bearing on shaft end) offer ample capacityfor extended life. Bearings are selected for quietness and are lubricated for life with greases specificallychosen for moisture and heat resistant qualities. Aluminum end frames are accurately machined for maximumconcentricity and minimum runout.


  • Auto Protector
  • Open Dripproof
  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • 1081 Design
  • 304 Shaft End
  • Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run
  • All Coper Windings
  • Rotation: CCW Pump End
  • Sealed Switch Design
  • 40 C Ambient
  • 60 Hz
  • 303 Stainless Shaft Threaded

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