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U021-281 - Unidose 120 Volt Chemical Feeder

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$358.00  $195.00

  • Model:  U021-281TT
  • Condition:  New in Box
  • Shipping Weight:  9lbs
  • Manufactured by:  Unidose
  • Product Availability: In Stock
  • Unidose U021-281TT Specifications: Unidose U021-281TT Specifications


12 gallons per day - 80 psi - 120 Volt

New Model: U021-281TT

Supersedes: U021-281TU

Versatile & Flexible
Easy, accurate adjustment over the operating range. Turndown ratio up to 500:1 provides unmatched flexibility.

Advanced noise reduction virtually silences the pump, making it ideal for household applications.

Totally enclosed, chemically resistant housings provide superior protection in either indoor or outdoor installations. Digital electronics ensure long life. Efficient solenoid design provides the power without the troublesome fans, open housings, motors and gears associ- ated with motor-driven pumps.

Inherent pressure relief stops the pump if the system back pressure exceeds the pump's strength. Thermostatic protection prevents damage from overheating. Standard priming valve provides safe and easy priming without having to disconnect tubing.

Standard Accessories
Each Uni-Dose pump comes complete with an injection check/back pressure valve, a foot valve with strainer, vinyl suction tubing, UV resistant PE dis- charge tubing and a ceramic weight. Head and fittings are constructed of high strength PVC.

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