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Well Chlorination

Postby lwparchive » Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:45 pm


I am looking at buying 2 chemical injector pumps. Thinking of either the stenner or the unidose pumps and thought I would ask your advice given our application.

We have 2 wells one pumps around 5-7 gpm the other between 3 and 7 gpm.
These feed into a 10,000 gal cistern and then this in turn is pumped out to the buildings by two Gundfoss pressure pumps. Recently (in the last 10
years) residences have popped up all around us and i guess with multiple wells we have had some e-Coli contamination. The health department is saying we must chlorinate.

I did install a Chemilizer pump but it is just not consistent or all that reliable possibly because I don't have consistent pressure at the outlet from the well pumps into the cistern.

I am thinking 2 chemical pumps wired into the 240v relays that run the well pumps. I am looking for reliable and something that can deliver 0.3 to 1ppm of chlorine from a solution tank (I use 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution and mix down with well water).

What size of pump and which is more reliable?

Also I would be purchasing the pumps from Alberta Canada. Will you ship FedEx Priority or United States Mail (not UPS) to Canada? If necessary I also have a US address I can use but that is a bit more trouble if you will ship FedEx.

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