Pulsafeeder to Stenner system

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Pulsafeeder to Stenner system

Postby lwparchive » Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:16 pm

I have a Pulsafeeder LPB4 pump(24gpd) that adds chlorine to my household water(solution 1 cup of bleach to 30 gallon tank). with setting adjusted at 70% stroke controlled by a contact output water meter.

My pump/tubing/check valve(s) currently loose prime or does not pump hard enough, even after changing the pump head and check valves. The problem mostly happened after I raised my water pressure from 50 to 65 psi on my well pump.

I was thinking about changing my pump for at Stenner MHPH with a PCM control module.

Can you help me size the components right?
Any other suggestions?

Thank you!
Daniel Bedard
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