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Recovering a Collapsed Well

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:35 am
by Zook

I have a 2" galvanized pipe well that apparently has collapsed. It is plugged up at 31'. I am hoping to find a way to clear the collapse, line it with pvc and use it again for potable water. Any recommendations about how to clear the pipe would be greatly appreciated. So far I have only tried to break through it with some 1" schedule 40 that I had a metal point on but that didn't work.

I know you are thinking I should call a well company. I have spoken to 3 of them but they don't want to deal with anything because I live on an island and they can't get their trucks out there so I am stuck trying to figure out a way to deal with it myself.

Thanks for any advice!


Re: Recovering a Collapsed Well

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:01 am
by dlamp67
Sir, unfortunately, there is not much you can do if the actual 2" galvanized collapsed. The only way I can see this occur is if the galvanized rusted through and allow sand to enter the well. If it is a sand issue, you may try jetting the well with some high pressure water, but, you will still have the issue with the casing and while jetting, you may end up washing out around the casing if there is a hole.

The best thing to do is to install a new well.