Old Goulds JS05 Not Up To The Task Anymore?

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Old Goulds JS05 Not Up To The Task Anymore?

Postby alpinepm » Sun May 17, 2015 4:18 pm

Hi There,

Browsing your forum, I may have found my answer but figured I'd ask anyway.

While charging a winterized camp's water system today, The Goulds JS05 / 1/2 hp struggled to push past 32 psi (Brand new gauge) and would only shut off when I adjusted the typically cut in/out 20/40 switch to cut out at 30 psi. The pump is moving a good volume and I cannot detect any leakage on the suction side or pressure side. Bladder in pressure tank is still good. Water is drawn from a drilled well casing. Up to now it use to hit 40 psi w/ out a problem.

As to age, I noticed scratched into the pump motors paint someones initials and the date 7/1/1994, and on the pump tag a manufacture date of 1994.

Is this thing just tired? Motor seems fine. I might be willing to rebuild provided the corroded fasteners, fittings and housings come apart OK, but I'm guessing probably best to just replace pump and motor.

Thank you for your valued opinion.

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Re: Old Goulds JS05 Not Up To The Task Anymore?

Postby dlamp67 » Mon May 18, 2015 8:35 am

Sir, the internal parts for you pump are still available, although, some the external parts are not. I have attached a parts breakdown for your review. If you choose to replace the pump, then, the new pump model will be the Gould's J5S.
Obsolete Pumps Repair Parts ROBJETSU.pdf
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