Gould J05N replacement - adapter?

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Gould J05N replacement - adapter?

Postby EmilMinty » Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:38 am

Would appreciate some help on what I need to replace a J05N

S/N: 1850191
Goulds No: J04853L
Mfg Date: March 1990

With the pump you recommend, will I be removing the 90 degree adapter (photo) and piping directly to the new pump? Or is removing the existing pump from the adapter and mounting the new pump to the adapter the best way? If yes, do you recommend/sell new bolts and gaskets.

Thanks for your time. I'm happy to call and speak with someone.
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Re: Gould J05N replacement - adapter?

Postby dlamp67 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:12 am

You will not have to remove the well casing adapter. The new pump will bolt directly to the existing adapter. The replacement pump will be a model J5. The bolts are a part number 13K1. You will need four. The gasket is a part number 5K108. All of the mentioned products are available to purchase direct off of our website.
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